Poser Paste FAQ

How do I apply Poser Paste?

Apply with fingers to clean dry hair.  Layer with multiple applications to build color intensity.

Let it dry and don’t style for a wet look, or let it dry then comb or brush for a dry look with movement.

Heat style after product dries.

Can I use it on wet or dry hair?

Poser Paste must be used on dry hair.

Do I need to lighten my hair first?

Nope!  Poser Paste can be used on any hair color.

How long does it take to dry?

Poser Paste dries quickly, so make sure to apply only as much as you can style or work into your hair at one time.

Can I mix colors?

YES!  We love color mixing!  Some of Brian’s favorite combos are:

  • Pink and blue for purple
  • Blue and yellow for green
  • Orange and pink for peachy/ coral

Should I apply before or after styling my hair?

You can do either depending on the look you want to achieve.  For a color pop after styling, apply when look is complete.  For a more lived-in look, apply product and then heat style

How do I wash it out?

Shampoo as usual to wash out.  Depending on the amount of Poser Paste used, an additional shampoo may be required to remove all product.

Poser Paste is a wax-based product, and we recommend “exfoliating” type shampoos to fully remove.

Will it stain blonde or bleached hair?


Will it stain clothing?

No, Poser Paste is a non-staining formula.

Can I use it on my skin?

We recommend not using directly on skin.  

Can I use it on my brows or lashes?

No, the dyes in Poser Paste are not intended for use in the eye area.

Can I use it on dyed hair?

Yes!  (And post your pics on socials and tag us!)

How long will the color stay in?

Poser Paste will last until you wash it out.

How do I store Poser Paste?

Store Poser Paste between 45-75 degrees